The Battle of Fallen Timbers, August 20, 1794, has been called the “last battle of the American Revolution” and one of the three most important battles in the development of our nation. ( The victory at Yorktown achieved the country’s independence from Britain, General Wayne’s victory at Fallen Timbers demonstrated the federal power of the new nation, and the Union’s win at Gettysburg established that the states would remain united ) The decisive victory by Anthony Wayne’s Legion of the United States over a confederacy of Native American tribes and a company of British-Canadiens led to the August 1795 Greeneville Treaty with the native Western Confederacy that opened all of Ohio and much of Indiana to American settlement. A few months later the British government, under the terms of The Jay Treaty, agreed to evacuate all eight of its forts on American territory. (Including Ft. Miamis, Detroit, Mackinac, and Ontario) In less than a decade there were more than 40,000 settlers in Ohio which led to statehood in 1803. As four additional states of the “Old Northwest” were added and the frontier retreated farther west, it became increasingly clear Anthony Wayne’s victory at Fallen Timbers represented a turning point in American history.

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