Forms to Download and Future Events to Attend

*AWAA Scholarship Application: due April 15th in the counselor’s office at A.W.H.S. (Note the change in due date!)

*AWAA Hall of Fame Nomination Form: the deadline to receive the correct form by mail is March 30th.
Anthony Wayne Alumni Assoc.
P.O. Box 2441
Whitehouse, OH 43571



*Wine Tastings: More info on wine tastings to come! Next one in June??
*Chik-fil-A Fundraisers: More info on our fundraising events at Chik-fil-A to come! Usually in August at the soccer alumni game and the home football scrimmage.
*Whitehouse Cherry Fest: More info on the AWAA’s involvement with the Cherry Fest to come!
*50/50 Raffles at AW Football: 50/50 Raffles are available at Anthony Wayne home games in the fall. Stay tuned for more details!
*Hall of Fame Luncheon: Late August/early September. (Usually the weekend of the first HOME football game.) Check back for definite date.

Fort Defiance-built in 1794 by Wayne’s Legion, before the Battle of Fallen Timbers.
Fort Wayne-built in 1794 by Wayne’s Legion, following the Battle of Fallen Timbers.