Hall of Fame

The Anthony Wayne Alumni Association Hall of Fame honors Anthony Wayne alumni, faculty, staff, administrators and community members.  Anyone can nominate a candidate for the Anthony Wayne Hall of Fame.

The AW Hall of Fame honors both athletes and non-athletes.  Induction into the Hall of Fame is designed to recognize individuals who, through their participation in academics, activities, creative arts, music and sports at AWHS, have made an impact on the Anthony Wayne Schools, in their community and/or in their professions.

In order to be considered for the Hall of Fame, candidates must meet one of the following criteria:
  • Alumni - Must have graduated a minimum of ten (10) years ago
  • Administrator/Faculty/Staff - Must have served a minimum of ten (10) years and have been retired for at least five (5) years
  • Community Honorary Member - Must have made a significant voluntary contribution to the betterment of the Anthony Wayne schools.

There are 129 members of the AW Hall of Fame. 

AW Alumni Hall of Fame History *deceased

Inducted 1999

Larry Morrison, 1954

Karen Schaller Swartz, 1957

Dick Albaugh*,  Faculty, Coach, Administrator

Carl Campbell*, Faculty, Coach, Administrator

Harry Dudrow*, Faculty, Coach, Administrator

Lowell Hinkle, Class of 1954

Mark Knerr*, Teacher, Counselor, Coach, Administrator

Willard Schaller*, Member, AW Board of Education

Alan Studer, Class of 1957

Fred Hessman, Class of 1957

Albert Les Disher, Class of 1958

Ralph Whalen, Class of 1965

Richard Albaugh, Jr, Class of 1975

Rodney Boyer,  Administrator and AW Board of Education Member

Donald Dick*,  Member, AW Board of Education

James McVicker, Sr.*, Community Member

Roy Williamson*, Faculty


Inducted 2000

Bill Stamm, Class of 1951

James L. Studer, Class of 1952

Leland (Lee) Thomas,  Class of 1952

William J.Ewald, Class of 1963

John B. Welch*, Class of 1965

William R. Green, Class of 1968

Laurie McVicker Bassett, Class of 1970

Jan E. Saunders, Class of 1977

T. Victor Disher*, Community Leader

Robert E. Streight*,  Faculty, Administrator, and AW Board of Education


Inducted 2001

Ronald Disher, Class of 1951

Yvonne Bauman Walters, Class of 1952

Richard Paul Schaller, Class of 1956

Dick Knapp, Class of 1957

John A. Whalen, Class of 1963

Jane E. Imes, Class of 1966

Lance W. Martin, Class of 1971

Michael J. Sherman, Class of 1975

James Baxter, Faculty, Coach, Administrator

Roy E. Lee, Coach

Inducted 2002

Ralph Farnsworth, Class of 1955

Vicky Trapp Ryan, Class of 1964

Michael Story, Class of 1974

Paul Heilmann*, AW Board of Education Member

Robert Smith, Faculty and Administrator

Lois Waffle*, Community Leader

Janis Sullivan Witte, Faculty


Inducted 2003

Beverly (Becky) Potter Jacobs, ,Class of 1957

Richard “Benny” Heilman, Class of 1959

Neil A. Holliker, Class of 1969

Connie Mesnard Kirkland, Class of 1964

Constance Gaiser-Phillips, Class of 1967

Patrick Short, Class of 1972

Katharine Morris Heintschel, Class of 1975

Susan Hendee Markwood, Class of 1975

Theodore T. Nelson, Class of 1985

Michael F. Nelson, Class of 1985

Robert F. Shelton*, AW Board of Education


Inducted 2004

Clifton Studer*, AW Staff

Hesterbelle Studer*, AW Staff

Helen A Long Devitt, Class of 1952

Allen L. Gaspar*, Class of 1969

Kip Greenhill, Class of 1969

Patrick J. Rohen, Class of 1975

Tim Story, Class of 1975

Susan Schnackel Cross,  Class of 1981

Dick Burdo, Coach, Administrator

George Hover, Community Leader


Inducted 2005

Larry L. Disher, Class of 1954

DeAnna Green Bradley, Class of 1965

George R. Perry, Class of 1957

William Perry, Class of 1957

Karen M. Shepler, Class of 1969

Amy L. Graham, Class of 1971

Teresa Taylor Fedor, Class of 1974

Joseph A. Moore, Class of 1978

Susanne M. Reid Donnal, Class of 1985

Sara A. Croy, Faculty

Ron Richards, Coach and Faculty


Inducted in 2006

Donald J. Schaller, Class of 1957

Janis L. Entenman, Class of 1971

Amy Clark, Class of 1982

Steve Shunck, Class of 1982

John F. Spilker, Class of 1982

Louise Cox Miklovic, Faculty, Coach

Frank J. Roach*, Community Leader


Inducted 2007

Phillip Boehm, Class of 1955

Carol E. Gottshalk-O'Shea*, Class of 1967

Robert A Welch, MD, Class of 1979

Missy Meeker Bergfeld, Class of 1976

Dr. Julie Holloway, Class of 1979

Karla R. Witte, Class of 1981

Jane Golding Robertson, Class of 1985


Inducted 2008

Jim Flynn, Class of 1957

Barbara Lewis Smigelski, Class of 1959

C. Edward Winzeler, Class of 1969

Arlen G. Tipping*, Class of 1975

Kenneth W. Fallows, Faculty

Todd R. Frendt, Community Leader


Inducted 2009

Darla Ames Nolder, Class of 1959

Joshua B. Torres, Class of 1998


Inducted 2010

Chuck Peyton, Class of 1954

Shelley Morris Wanner, Class of 1967

Pamela Megyesi Ott, Class of 1973

Wendelin A. Burdo-Hartman, Class of 1978

Lee Boyer, Class of 1989

Tom Torkelson, Class of 1993


Inducted 2011

Thomas Edward Hertzfeld I, Class of 1955

Dr. Paul A. Benson, Class of 1960

Gary Lawrence Studer, Class of 1965

Jennifer Witte Yoder, Class of 1972

Jeffrey Chamberlain, Class of 1980

Leo D. Price, Community Leader


Inducted 2012

Leroy Lashaway, Class of 1952

Michael M. Elling, Class of 1957

Richard R. Farnsworth, Class of 1958

Tony Durham, Class of 1977


Inducted 2013

Beth Tracey Hite, Class of 1966

Pamela Gilbert Fugazzi, Class of 1980

Jerry Reed, Faculty, Coach, Counselor

Holly Schmidbauer, Class of 1966


Inducted 2014

Norman Jacobs*, Class of 1956

Candy Cheski Flaggert Emch, Class of 1965

Mary O’Donnell, Class of 1975

Brian Billings, Class of 2002

Ken Russell*, Community Honoree

Inducted 2015

Rebekah Bradley Wenzlick, Class of 1992

Walter Franklin, Class of 1957

Wayne Graves, Class of 1965

Kay Schaller Sergent, Class of 1956

Paula (Pollie) Young Miller, Class of 1971

Hank Stateczny, Community Honoree

Inducted 2016

Bob Borcherdt*, Class of 1959

Nancy Carr Taylor*, Class of 1958

Carl Graves*, Class of 1967

Sarah Meyer, Class of 2003

Judy Winslow Carter, Class of 1964

Sandy Chipka, Community Honoree

Debbie Jacoby, Community Honoree

Inducted 2017

Dale Cordy, Class of 1957

Erie Gehrke*, Class of 1965

Karen Larue Wiggins, Class of 1970

Steve Wayne, Class of 1962

Sue Ann Ladd, Community Honoree

Robert Slykhuis, Community Honoree





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