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AWAA September 2020
Fall Flower Sale

Just click on the link above and scroll down for choices. The bulbs are shipped directly to you!

The alumni association 2020 Fall Flower Sale runs from September 1st to October 15th. This flower sale helps raise funds for the alumni scholarship program. Last spring the AWAA sponsored the ten scholarship students below. Each scholarship is a $1,000 grant for one-year. You can plant bulbs in the fall of 2020 and watch a beautiful spring bloom in 2021!

 *2020 Scholarship Recipients*

In pursuit of occupations ranging from future F.B.I. agent to physicians and veterinarians, educators and many others, the following A.W. seniors have been awarded a $1,000 scholarship from the A.W. Alumni Association.

The scholarships are awarded based on G.P.A., school service, volunteer efforts, and a written essay where the applicant had to evaluate a significant ethical dilemma, experience, achievement or risk they have faced and its impact on them.

Below are the scholarship categories, sponsors, recipients and their field of study. This year there were over forty applicants for the ten scholarships. Congratulations to all.

1. Les Disher Agr.-Sci. Scholarship-sponsored by Doris Disher               

    Tayler Common (Veterinary Medicine)

2. Public Safety Scholarship-sponsored by local safety forces and gov’t. entities                         

    Chloe Rork (Criminal Justice)

3. Randee DeBolt Masciola Nursing/Public Health Scholarship

    Emilie Gardner (Diatetics)

4. Future Educator Scholarship-sponsored by Fred Dais                      

    Contessa Strothers (Deaf Education)

5. General Scholarships                   

    Reegan Kehres (Animal Science)

    Andrew Kemmer (Sports Management)

    Jala Ehrenfried (Pharmacy)

    Jillian Mundo (Bioengineering)

    Mason Lyons (Actuarial Science)

    Audrey Herman (Neuroscience)

Congratulations and good luck!

AW and Penta seniors-check back in September 2020.

Scholarship Application Form to Download and Fill Out:


Flower Sale Fund Raiser in September!

𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 to all who participated in the spring flower sale. Support came from as far away as Marysville, Ohio and Fremont, Indiana to right here in Whitehouse and NW Ohio. The AW Alumni Association appreciates the help with fund raising for scholarships. You can plant fresh bulbs in the fall and watch a beautiful spring bloom in 2021!


Spring 2020 Scholarship Drive for AW Seniors

Along with four “general” scholarships and the Les Disher Ag.-Sci. Scholarship, the AW Alumni Association added a Public Safety scholarship in 2018 which is funded by area police, fire and village/township governments. This scholarship is now in its third year. In 2019 two additional scholarships were added. The Patrick Short Skilled Trades scholarship for A.W.H.S./Penta students who are interested in pursuing a career in an area that demands specific training or an apprentice program. And the Fred Dais Future Educator scholarship for a student interested in a teaching career.
In the spring of 2020, two more scholarships were added. The Randee DeBolt Masciola Nursing and Public Health Scholarship and a ROTC Scholarship for a student who wishes to pursue a military career.

These additions bring the total to ten scholarships of $1,000 each
being offered to AWHS and/or Penta seniors.

Our appeal to AW alumni, the public and to A.W. employees in the past has been a great help in funding our scholarships. We are hoping that the new specific types of scholarships will increase interest and lead to even more support this year from folks involved in nursing, the building trades and our veterans.

Donation checks can be made out to and mailed to:

Anthony Wayne Alumni Association
P.O. Box 2441
Whitehouse, Ohio 43571

You can also use the toolbar and go to “Donate”/”Our Online Store”/and scroll down to “Donations.”

Thanks for your help and support;
Jon McAfee-AW Alumni Association President and
AWHS teacher from 1973-2003